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FAQ Angel-surf Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs) Membership is free? Yes! And ... you still earn 4000 bonus credits to start promoting your site after confirmation of your membership! WHAT IS prorated AUTOSURF? When you surf one page, affiliates will earn 2 credits to 3 credits for FREE and PREMIUM affiliates. Note: one credit will be deducted from your account when you visit another affiliate. Note: This allotment can be adjusted in future by the Administrator. WHAT TIME OF EACH VISIT? Currently at 10 seconds per visit, which may be adjusted in future by the Administrator. Obs. Accept suggestions for adjustments !. AFTER AFFILIATE, TO DO IMMEDIATELY? Manually assign 4000 credits Bonus earned on that affiliation to your pages approved so they can start getting visits from other affiliates surfers. MORE surfing to earn credits and improve the possibility to get MORE visitors. If you can not surf, you can BUY credits to continue receiving visits. Know that when your credits are not bought, you need to be able to stay surfing in a privileged position and can receive MORE and MORE visits. Pages uncredited not receive visits and after 30 + days will be automatically excluded. Obs. Accounts affiliations FREE idle for 30 + days and no purchases of credits, will be automatically canceled without notice. HOW TO GET ANSWERS FAST? Choose the Menu option: CONTACT and send us your request; suggestion; criticism, praise or concerns and return with the answer soon, or ... After LOGIN, on the Members page, you will have a CHAT at their disposal to be able to draw some doubts you may have, with the help of Admin. or other colleagues affiliates ONLINE !. I AM NOT RECEIVING VISITS? If you have credits in your account, please manually assign to their page so you can return to receive visitors. Obs. If you have credits assigned its pages, you will not receive visits !. If you do not have time to surf, BUY CREDITS one package and give your pages and let the rest stand on our own. OFFERS YOU DO HERE? Yes! We have several ... and we can set some more, we now have: - For every 10 pages surfed, you get 10 more bonus credits !. - For every 27 pages surfed in the same Section, a link will appear bonus of R $ 0.01 !. Valid for FREE and PREMIUM members - Other benefits described in the HOME page - See the PACKAGES promotional acquisitions to acquisitions CREDITS, UPDATE own views on PTC etc. All with great prices !. - And more others that you can suggest us! I MAKE MONEY WITH Advertise Surfing? YES, through the bonus spin on surf and in the area of ��meeting targets or ptc surf presented by management. HOW DO I BE AFFILIATED PREMIUM? In your member area, in "Control Panel", click the "Upgrades & Purchases" button, and choose from the available options to upgrade your account to Premium Affiliate. Another way is also surfing and getting a great monthly and / or general position, in the RANK SURF, being among the five (5) finishers. HOW DO I ADVERTISE MY BANNER? In your member area, click Control Panel, click the credit button for Banner and sign your banner. You can Change / Buy 5000 credits for your banner to be accepted and get 5000 exhibition !. WHY IS MY SITE STATUS OF SUSPENDED? Your site had ABUSE complaint and after checking confirmed, was temporarily "SUSPENDED" to its standardization and re-assessment, by breaking the terms of use. (pop-ups, break-frames, url rotation, redirection, and other adult content not allowed). If your site is re-incident or has related content Pedophilia, Racism or Nazism your account will be banned from our system without notice, and we will take appropriate legal steps. Read the terms of use to suit your site conditions of our autosurf. Obs. With three (3) claims of different IP, even if your site has no problem, it will be automatically suspended, leaving your responsibility to ask for re-evaluation Admin. Advertise of Surfing. Finally !! Here you can FREE or for only $ 1,00 (PREMIUM) per month, to promote their web-pages quickly, guaranteed, safe, quiet and fun !. Modestly, or are the ONLY one of the few that gives you FREE autosurfs, privileges PREMIUM affiliates to promote their web-pages !. So when you can, Try our Autosurf and enjoying Join Free! Come and be part of our new family !. All are WELCOME !!

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